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Economic & Environmental Integration

TSF Group integrates environmental requirements with technical, permitting, and natural resource expertise to achieve financial goals. Repeated success in achieving customer objectives. With 30 years of environmental management experience and an outstanding track record, TSF Group is distinguished in generating economic success with community and environmental achievement.

Technical Support


TSF Group provides technical support to organizations who want to achieve financial savings while reducing their environmental impact. Integrated analysis methods and design guidance help identify cost-effective goals. TSF Group recommendations have reached aggressive savings targets through energy efficiency, building form and fabric, HVAC systems, and renewable energy systems.

Project Development & Management

TSF Group helps define environmental and economic goals and objectives of projects, determine when the various project components are to be completed and by whom, and create quality control checks to ensure to ensure that completed components meet a certain standard. Hospitals, colleges, airports and other businesses have been compelled by cost benefit analyses that guarantee a financial return. 

Networking &       Community Organizing

TSF Group facilitates networking and community organizing for individuals and organizations to act in their shared self-interest. Taking into consideration the community and greater environment, TSF Group advances the building of common interest groups to develop mutually beneficial strategies and group purchase agreements. Community groups have been represented for energy efficiency, water quality, and environmental and homeowners’ property protection.


Environmental Coordination

TSF Group coordinates projects that generate financial returns while preserving the environment for future generations. Bridging environmental engineering, biological assessments, and coordination with local and regional governments to meet regulatory requirements, TSF Group helps set environmental goals and makes sure that those goals are met. Completed projects have addressed issues ranging from pollution, water quality management, energy efficiency, protection of natural resources, to land use planning. 


Grant  Acquisition


TSF Group can help expand and improve your organization through the strategic use of funding or grant acquisitions. TSF Group works with stakeholders, executives, and management to secure capital for specified projects, equipment upgrades, facility renovations or new facilities. TSF Group has secured grants that have supported essential environmental and business related infrastructure improvements and permanent protection of the environment. 


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